PUBG UPDATE: ‘SECRET’ GAME MODE ADDED? ITS ‘WAR’ – Battlegrounds News + Gameplay

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  1. This would be great, I'm not sure why they just don't do 4 man squads. Also are there attachments for the weapons? I think have weapon attachments would be great to help teach/ test out combinations for newer players.

  2. the new game mode looks sweet. although I couldn't help but notice all the vibrant colors of this pubg gameplay. is this reshade or video editing? Devs please bring back reshade.

  3. Hi there Moses , is it possible to try and make a guide on how to play when you unfortunately have no other choice as to play with high ping? unfortunately me and A LOT of other players do not have location privileges and are forced to play with around 200 ping . this is not on purpose its unfortunately just how it is at the moment regarding where my country is and servers etc . I do not see any videos about this on YT except people complaining about high ping players , we also just like to play games like everyone else and would obviously prefer a low ping game , but as i said it is not always the case for everyone ! Thank you so much for the guides and vids! its very entertaining

  4. 100% interested in this style of game play and I know that my squad mates are as well. Fuglet also put up a video on this, if you want to go look for it. I also would like to see the ability to do custom matches expanded or have this as an option within the start screen to select this type of game mode

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