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A new MASSIVE patch has hit the test servers with a TON of changes. I talk all about them. Check out the EDC3 from Massdrop:

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  1. Is it just me or does movement in general feel slower? I realize they've made changes to movement speed while holding certain weapons but it feels way slower and unresponsive overall.

  2. So the Ump is now more powerful than the Vector? Bluehole strikes again.. Rest seems to be actual improvements (weapon balance changes depending) except 15 sec underwater? that one is not good either unless your broadcasting tourneys

  3. Good patch, every type of weapon will fit a spot now. Shotguns for indoor very close range, SMGs for short-medium range really good patch for them, ARs for medium-long range still a big nerf overall, DMR/SR for long/very long range. It's just weird they nerf SKS that hard and make SLR so powerfull, basically it's a mk14 with less accuracy.

  4. grenades are only crazy now because of the fall damage i had a video where i hit a guy with a nade and the initial damage was like 50% then the fall damage killed him

  5. when will the change goes live? SLR stand for self loading rifle. it's the British/canadian, aussie version of FN FAL. L1A1 SLR.

    fun fact, in the folkland war, both sides used FAL and SLR.

  6. The amount of ppl who doesn't understand the math behind percentages is too damn high! Let's say the reload time for AR's was 3 seconds. If they increase it with 30% the new reload time would be 3.9 sec. If you then reduce that with a quickdraw(assuming it still reduces reload time by 30%) the reload time would be 2.73 seconds

  7. Reload speed nerf on 5.56 weapons is a bit over done. The animation makes it look like you’re going in slow motion. Every time I press R, I can just imagine the ghost of R. Lee Ermey appearing in front of me yelling “GET THAT MAGAZINE IN THERE NOW PRIVATE PYLE, OR SO HELP ME…” (use your imagination)

  8. All these minutes of watching when changes after a month are changed and changed again… why? Because this game is just a test to see what is best for other games and a test anyway to keep this game always new always to an early access status where coding hackers need to change their ini files in order to keep hacking… this is the deal… a boring changing game that is pretending not to see what are the main weak spots of it.

    We often get into games and players drop, sometimes they are not there and u r automatically put in 1 person teams, it s a mess latiency side talking … they need to stop putting crates and bs like that. They krep changing the speed we have on stairs.

    It looks like game devs have problems inside their own decision making process…

  9. Are you Canadian? Thats hecka cool i love Canada but yea bro, you did just fine i watched the whole video & didn't feel like you lost momentum at any part of the video but it was very smart of you two kind of speed up halfway through the video you did good though man GG

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