PUBG Update: 1 MILLION+ HACKERS BANNED IN A MONTH!? – Battlegrounds Gameplay/News

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It was just announced by BattleEye that over 1 million accounts have been banned for cheating in January alone. The hacking problem in PUBG is now out of control, and I talk about what the devs need to do to address the problem. More links below:

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  1. Create a mod server for all the people who like to hack and shit. Let us reg people play.
    I.E. someone get caught using a hack on a normal server, then gets booted and permanent server lock with everyone else who got caught hacking on it

  2. Have specific servers in place for only hackers. Battleye needs to start scanning everyone’s clients at a consistent rate to ensure this happens. Any changes to the games client needs to be reported immediately. Xbox did this to stopped the jailbreaking of their hardware. Software can’t be that hard to do this with.

  3. Is that all you got? Ping bans( already in place) and hardware ban? How about put all confirmed hacker into one server and not let them necessary buy another account? Bluehole won’t do this sht cuz then they will run out of profit as they are doing it right now. Even ping lock is not working well. When i play games in 1900 elo, there are just that many players can be match made. So the hackers can still play in my fcking game. As a chinese in US now, i’m suffering from hackers too. But don’t fcking think of something thta is not helping or realistic(for bluehole or eg. internet cafe ) and think you are smart.

  4. I kind of like the idea some companies have implemented, if you cheat. You get moved to a cheater's only server and can duke it out amongst themselves.

  5. China has actively been "farming" in games for the last two decades, Microtransactions are the poison if you cant make money from a game most people won't cheat at it no money incentive,sad thing is if they don't fix it soon it will be breaking a new record of millions of people migrating to other games because its a cheaters paradise, In short, unless something drastic is done soon they can forget competitive online game platform, It'll just be another footnote,of big games that fell thru the floor becouse they started trying to run befoure they could walk……

  6. While hardware locking is a nice idea, in practice it does not work. There is a way to spoof your hardware ID with software so if you get a hardware ID lock you can use the software to make it look like a different system configuration and get around that lock.

    Trying to ban hackers or hack makers will never work. Ever since there were games there have been hacks for those games. Hell, the PS1 had a little thing you could plug into it to put in cheat codes for nearly every game for the system and you could buy that in Wal-Mart. You will have better luck going back in time and stopping the Titanic from sinking after it's already hit the iceberg than you will stopping cheating and hacking.

    Since getting rid of hackers will never happen the only solution is to accept that hacking will happen in the game (this applies to any game really) and then find a way to work that into the game. In a competitive system like this the best way to do that is to have a system so that all hackers that are caught have their account secretly flagged to only be matched up with other hackers. You do not notify the hackers in any way that they've been found out and just let them play. This would also probably be financially easier than pouring tons of resources into trying to prevent the hacking.

  7. Hardware id spoofers and changers are already online you don't need to buy anything new… You come across a HD ban…. Go to your software, change your ID, enjoy playing…

    Even though I speak against the hacks its really sick to see how easy these hackers can find seemingly easy solution to every problem… I'm glad Im lower in the pubg leadeboards… It gives me the chance to play with regular users not these ass holes with no real skills….

  8. Just so people know you can't have visual studios open and pubg open and the same time because you will get a global ban happend twice and I'm not letting it happen again because the support is not replying to the emails

  9. So as you stated 'you want to play in the server with the best ping', so why won't the hackers? Would they love to hack in a game where they can't even open doors properly? Why would they proceed to hack in NA or EU?
    Just accept it. These hackers in your servers are not from China, at least not physically in China. There is no denial there are tons of hackers among the Chinese, but they are largely in Asia and play on AS/KRJP, if you have a hacker in a NA game, that's a hacker in NA region. Region lock won't do anything to them because they will just hack in NA either way, since that's their region.

  10. Several months ago I told my son he could purchase PUBG, he asked if he could purchase fortnight instead and I said no play a real game – PUBG!! Im now installing Fortnight cause Ive had a gut full of this hacker BS. From what your saying mosses and many others, from a business stand point they arent going to take any real effective steps as it will hurt their bottom line so It would appear they will continue down this path and milk what ever profit they can till the game is basically dead which is a shame cause its one of the best games I've ever played.

  11. it wasn't just a million accounts. you have to know that cheaters have about 2-4 accounts at a time for this very reason. so really they probably only banned about 300,000 "people" which isn't a lot if you think of how many people are in china alone, much less all of asia… they just buy another account. can get them as low as $5. for cheating, start with ping lock. if it continues, region lock them. areas without servers can be locked to closest region. its not that hard. and blue hole doesn't care about segregating regions, they just don't have the time or money to do so yet.

  12. I don't buy hardware locking hurting net cafes. Their machines should be policed heavily so users can't install software and they should be more aware of cheating and ten cent who controls the Chinese distribution should make them aware of the outcome of continued cheating.

  13. Gta on xbox one has followed what they allowed on 360. EVERY session has at least two or three modders and wrecking the game. Makes anyone paying $50-$70 for new games FOOLS! What's the point of "playing" the game when everybody can just hack it?

  14. Encourage people NOT to purchase/play PUBG until the hacking situation has been treated with a viable solution. Force the cheaters to only play among themselves on a "Hacker Server", in which they're placed upon found to be cheating.

    Either one really.

  15. They're not going to hardware lock it as long as the hackers are gunna buy another copy of the game. The anti-hack is the logical business model, ban the accounts so they can sell more copies of the game. Gotta wonder what percentage of sales is currently from hackers re-buying the game currently.

  16. lol, China IS a country of thieves, its in their blood. They steal countless countries secrets, they hard ball countries with their currency manipulations and trade threats. They by far are the most creative disruption in the gaming industry as far as cheating goes. Sure you can make money off them in a game but in the end all your efforts and tech you need to pay for to counter it worth it in the end? I myself do not feel so. I would just ban the game with IP locks from that country. Easy fix!

  17. me being from South Africa , i just want to say thank you for naming us in some of your video's ! i really appreciate the effort you put in to make sure that the devs no about us . thanks moses and great job with your vids ! i truly do enjoy them !!!!

  18. Start Mac banning. That will stop buying new accounts. Well they can buy one, but will be blocked from entering the game. Win Win imo. I would buy and play the game, but not even considering it with the level of hax's there is now.

  19. I uninstalled this game a while ago but now my friend was like there isn’t hackers any more but I played my first game and I’m getting killed even tho I’m behind cover the shit is delayed so bad can’t get a kill because every time I get shot I die even tho
    I’m behind cover

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