PUBG MOBILE NEW UPDATE – Copying Fortnite?

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  1. The only reason I liked Pubg Was because of it's realism. I always had an intense experience everytime I play it. It was not the same with Fortnite. Fortnite is for kids. But Pubg Mobile Just ruined what made it good. What do you guys think about this, please let me know

  2. you didnt told us this is comes only on the timi version of pubg
    we have the lightspeed x qantum (i think qantum xd) that wont make this pubg mobile like this.

  3. Yeah now is thats stupid hologram player things its real player And yeah this game now whas so bad ! Where are old batleroyale only guns melee weapons but now shield rock como c,mon man now its stupid fortnite .

  4. Ok this is the real story
    Fortnite ask permission to PUBG then PUBG needs to ask too permission to fortnite
    Now you know (Sorry my story is so short only my friend told it to me I love both of those games

  5. PUBG is copying Fortnite so it would look like Fortnite copied then so there will be more people on PUBG’s side. What an amazing group of idiot.(Not talking about you, video owner)

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