PUBG is Finally Optimized? (Sanhok Map Update)

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PUBG vs. Fortnite Lawsuit:
I played PUBG for the first time in about a month yesterday and I was shocked at how much the game has changed. Previously, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS was best known for being buggy, having performance issues, and generally being hard to play. That’s no longer the case. With the new Sanhook update PUBG is running smoother than ever before. I dare say that it’s finally optimized for PC! I also talk about the new 4×4 Map Sanhook, the new weapons, and have some fun with ChocoTheChocobo.

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  1. Stutters are still here for me. With everything on very low the fps counter says 100-144 fps, but the smoothness feels like its 70. That's everything on very low, in a game that does not look good, and I have a GTX 1060 3GB overclocked, running a 1080 monitor. If you need a 8700k and a GTX1080 Ti to run the game smoothly, it is not optimized.

  2. I've never had a problem with pubg, other than crashes that is. I've been playing since September and while playing 1080p always 90+ fps but to be fair I have 1080ti and a 7700k

  3. It's much better on console after the most recent updates and patches as well. Not perfect but you can actually enjoy the game now.

  4. Game still looks stupid and bad to me. And why is everyone running around in their underwear? I'd rather have a fun skin in a game that doesn't pretend to be realistic (fortntie) than run around in my underwear in a game that tries to be realistic and does a pisspoor job of it.

  5. Wish Pubg would run better for us guys who can only afford a 700-1000 dollar computer. I win quite a bit but I would dominate if I consistently ran above 90 FPS with little to no frame drops

  6. You think that a hacker that can get around pretty intrusive anti-cheat and reporting system can't install a vpn? Either it needs to be ping locked or the anti cheat needs improvements (however in over 500 hours of pubg on OCE I've only seen like 3 definite cheaters and only a few sketchy people)

  7. Honestly that last update was game changing for the Xbox as well. There was a tiny patch just for fixing the crash issue which work for most people. Then there was a 7.6 gig update to the game that changed a lot of the rendering and optimization issues. They added nothing new they simply fixed but was there and it was amazing! I’d recommend checking it out.

  8. 500 hours? I have 10 days max in the major COD's and that was playing all year. I can take about 1 hour of PUBG every 2 weeks without getting tired of looting. Just saying, that's a lot of PUBG and looting.

  9. "I got a new sponsored high-grade PC. But I don't think the new machine did anything to noticeably help the game's performance." What.

  10. theres almost no bugs on PUBG. might have a random crash but other then that. nothing really.. And china not getting region locked. Headquarters are china and korea

  11. I've played since early access release. The beginning was rough but i've had a stable FPS of over 60 pretty much since the 1.0 update that happened in December. MSI GTX 970, Intel I7 4770k, 16GB DDR3 RAM.

  12. They can make it like this if you're Asian and want to play with you're friend in America they could add sqaud leader system where you could go and play with youre friends like that

  13. wtf are u talking about??? pubg in nowdays especially in sanhok is laggy asf D-sync is on the highest lvl ever seen before and the loot in older maps is just funny especially in erangel is just terrible for god sake who paid you to say all these bullshits there is a lot of people complaining about D-sync and bad optimization cant find a reason to make a video like this..

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