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We take a look at the new map WIP released by playerunknown at gamescom 2017. Thank you to GameFlip for Sponsoring this video! Check out this link to get 1$ free credit towards your first purchase:

Map Picture:

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  1. I wish they would just finish the game first and optimise it properly before focusing on new maps etc. Optimise the engine better for AMD video cards and get the glitches ironed out first before bringing in new content like maps. They're just going to create new issues they're going to have to deal with on top of the games current issues. Surely I'm not alone on this?! Also, don't even think of releasing it to console before it's actually finished. The console jockeys can wait till there's a perfect pc version.

  2. I feel like this map will cause issues with the blue circle in its current form. Figuring that one of the high rises could contain multiple squads at a time, then the circle could close off the stair wells in the building and thus you have a close that would have a high likely hood of having a "who out heals who" finishes.

  3. Is my potato pc good enough for pubg?

    Processor: AMD A8-4500M APU with Radeon ™ HD Graphics    1.90GHz

    RAM: 8GB

    System type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor

  4. mad props to you rocking a full shaved head at your age. a lot of people would still be holding on to whatever hair they have and look try hard as. fuck yeah to a buzz cut and glasses. mad respect mate 🙂 x

  5. I was a little disappointed that its not as open as I thought it would be for being a desert, its looks fairly close range. however it does look like a good fun map for roof jumping! I'm excited to see how the finished version looks and feels when playing on it. by the way moses you are doing and amazing job updating us on all of our pubg updates, if it weren't for you id never know about anything new in pubg.

  6. Looks very exciting, I wonder how the drops will work and what kind of items you will get. That bicycle sounds fun if I heard right? Close combat is going to be intense.

  7. CPU and RAM is a big hit on performance. Most people don't think of this when getting a PC. This is why you should always build your own PC with an unlocked CPU core. I have a 980ti, 3200mhz RAM and a 6700k overclocked to 4.6 and I am ALWAYS above 60fps with a mix of Ultra/High settings 1920×1080 with 120 resolution scale. CPU speed is very important as is RAM speed because of all the draw calls that are necessary for a populous city. I think this game is optimized just fine. If I run very low settings except textures/foliage/view distance/resolution scale I'm pretty much always above 100fps. The only issue I see with optimzation is going for High to Ultra with effects. The visual gain to performance just isn't worth it. Also, they need to balance shadows so that people running very low shadows aren't at an advantage. Render shadows the same but just as a lower resolution. If you run very low shadows they literally don't even render inside of buildings which is bullshit.

  8. Player unknown said that they are working with the map and its optimization, some of the buildings may have floors you cannot access, to reduce the strain on graphics, if you think a huge game like PUBG in EARLY FUCKING ACCESS will be always this difficult to run then you're clearly unfaithful and stupid as result. Morons who think they can play this game on their 5 year old graphics card crack me up, go and fucking buy a decent computer idiots. Actually don't, I enjoy wrecking noobs who have a terrible computer.

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