Play PUBG Mobile on PC Chinese With Desert Map (100% WORKING)

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How to play PUBG Mobile Chinese version on PC 100% working on Bluestacks 3 emulator. Experience the new Miramar desert map right now for FREE!

PUBG Mobile Chinese (also known as PUBG Exhilarating Battlefield) by Tencent Games is the mobile version of PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds for iOS and Android devices. 100 players fight to the death for survival on an island with a shrinking circle. The last player or team standing wins the game. PUBGM looks and feels like its PC counterpart as a mobile battle royale game.

In this video, you’ll learn how to play the original Chinese version of PUBG Mobile using Bluestacks 3. Why? Because this version of PUBGM is ahead in updates compared to the English version, meaning you can play new updates before they’re globally available in all languages on the Play Store. This also includes the new Miramar desert map! Now you can have two maps to play on.

The video will walk you through all the steps needed to get started playing step-by-step on the big screen with mouse and keyboard controls.

PC Specs Tested
Windows 8
Intel Core i7 4500U CPU
Intel Integrated HD Graphics 4400
Virtualization Technology enabled

Bluestacks settings
Screen resolution 1280×720
2 CPU cores
2080 RAM
OpenGL mode
Client version

How to download PUBG Mobile on PC Setup Guide:
1. Download and install the LATEST version of Bluestacks 3 Android emulator:

2. Open Bluestacks and make sure it’s running in OpenGL mode.
3. Download the PUBG Mobile Chinese APK:
4. Install the game through the Bluestacks APK installer.
5. You must have either a Wechat or QQ account. Sign up through QQ is simple and is more reliable. Visit:
You need a VALID phone number with SMS service enabled to verify your account. After signing up, you’ll receive a QQ number ID. Copy that number to somewhere safe or write it down as you will need this to sign into PUBGM.

6. Download the QQ app from the Google Play Store in Bluestacks:
7. Open PUBG Mobile and sign in with QQ using your QQ number you created and copied earlier.
8 (optional). For better performance on PC, go into the game’s settings and set Graphics to the lowest setting (Smooth) and framerate to highest. Restart the game by closing and reopening it.
9. Choose Single Joystick for driving with WASD keys.
10. Open the map selection screen. Enable Miramar desert map.
11. Start a match and configure your mouse and keyboard controls as shown in the video.

Play PUBG Mobile ENGLISH on Bluestacks!

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  1. Bro when i click on qq send button they dont give me a code they sho a page with this words [Too many attempts within time limit. Please try again later]

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