Nintendo Switch Shortage is APPLE’S FAULT? – The Know Game News

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Nintendo is trying to ramp up production on the Switch to meet demand, but may face a surprising obstacle: Apple. They’re now competing for parts that can’t be manufactured in high enough quantities.


Written By: Brian Gaar
Edited By: Kdin Jenzen
Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins and Mica Burton

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  1. The only reason why Nintendo has a shortage because they when they made the Wii U, they made a lot. But the Wii U did not sell well. So when they made the switch. They made less so they wouldn't of made the same mistake. But now they realize how much people love the switch.

  2. According to the comments section Apple sucks because they want to meet the high demand with new iPhones? I thought that Sony has the most cancerous community

  3. my uncle works at Target and as soon as switches are in stock they are instantly gone
    he just informed me that he was able to reserve a switch for me when my birthday comes along

    thanks uncle kyle

  4. Rain: "damn and I thought €330 was bad.. my condolences Australia" (470 AU price). 330 euros is the equivalent to AU $492. its cheaper in australia

  5. Quick! Everyone dismantle your phone and send the parts to Nintendo! (it's not like you were gonna use the Nintendo Switch app voicechat anyway)

  6. Charge people for Nintendo Switch Online sooner, Come out with more newer Wii U games, supply more amiibo's like Rosalina, Palatina and Marth, Continue manufacturing NES classics, Continue releasing Wii U consoles, release Mother 3 in NA…

  7. I could really could care less about the switch now I waited till Christmas for every counsel before so l can wait more I only care about the breath of the wild now and I have it Nintendo's kind of been getting on my nerves lately and for a while I always thought they were a much slower but they were also cheaper and that was their strength

  8. Another reason to hate Apple. Apple used to be good, but now they've turned into greedy, money hungry stupidheads. No headphone jack. Do I even have to mention the things wrong with the Iphone 8 and 8 plus and the Iphone X?

  9. I want Nintendo to pair up with apple, Imagine an iNintendo most likely will be a 3DS or just DS who knows! I want it! 720p screens, one touch the other not, 60 FPS, we’ll be playing Mario like never before! sigh…. I can only dream…

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