NEW PUBG MAP! – Savage Gameplay ( Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds )

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Playing the new PUBG Map called Savage. This is the 4×4 map which is much smaller, action packed, more loot, but does have mid game issues. 3 Rounds with live commentary and first impressions, hope you guys enjoy this one, thanks for watching. Leave a LIKE and a comment.

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  1. Pubg has a lot of potential to be very fun, just have to deal with the random aggravating bugs and stuff. Also have to wait patiently to put concentration on precise competition,for now it's just fun and fuck ups.

  2. I DONT CARE ABOUT BOTH, JUST SOME GAME COMPANYS BLAMING EACH OTHER ABOUT “COPYING EACH OTHER” SO THATS WHY I THINK OTHERS ARE BETTER THAN BOTH GAMES, it’s silly how people say fortnite is better than PUBG, so what!? And those people saying PUBG is better, so what!? They both have different aspects and play styles,graphics,and others, but that also goes so what if PUBG or fortnite is better? If I thought PUBG is better and some other dude thought that fortnite is better, I would say so what and still play PUBG, I mean, I don’t care if he likes fortnite. I like PUBG and he likes Fortnite, that’s it! Both games are different, fortnite is better at some things, PUBG is better at other. Enough ARGUING FOR GODS SAKE!
    This is for people thinking either one of the games is better and the other is worse.

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