NEW MAP ANNOUNCED! MAJOR PUBG UPDATE COMING! – Battlegrounds Patch News/Gameplay

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Today we got a press release from PUBG Corp announcing that a new map is coming in the first half of 2018. I cover all the details and give my thoughts.

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  1. Sorry about the intro volume. Accidentally left it on the audio track that reduces the audio for in-game footage. It's basically telling you that you can subscribe to me on twitch for free with amazon prime! Link your twitch and amazon together and come watch the twitch channel!

  2. All they need to do is increase FPS, if they want this to be a good competitive game. And make deathmatch servers so people can practice the weapons..

  3. A map with beaches , and intense island jungles will be cool as stealth aspect will be great . Honestly thinking Mountains map are not all that great as advantages to some player will be a lot and miramar has somewhat showed us .

  4. If the new map is just a big, empty, copy-paste building riddled mess it might as well just be an Miramar recolor. I would really love a smaller map so that every match isn't big battle, nothing, maybe a gunfight, last circles snaking for 15 minutes. You know, a map where 100 players actually feels like it instead of seeing fewer people than a full Call of Duty server.

  5. that kinda ping priority system WILL NOT WORK.
    if anything, it will only be useful during prime time NA hours (after school/work + weekends),
    but 80% of the rest of the day+week it will just NOT WORK.
    if you want to play in the morning, or during the work day, or late night when normals go to bed… you're going to get matched with mostly high pingers.

  6. After they patch bugs and mods I would like to see some tunes they are in supply drop be able to be loot able on the ground but have a rare drop rate. Like groza the r700 and than add some more weapons more maps more vehicles and maybe even some new features. But what i think is most important is they lack to communicate well with the community and adding and fixing things quickly. Fortnite for example they do things correctly.

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