NEW GUN + HUGE UPDATE – PUBG ( Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds )

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PUBG has just had a massive update on the test server that adds a new gun and a complete overhaul of the balance of the game. A map selector and way more, very promising update! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. Join my Discord: Connect with me:


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  1. The last thing they need to do was add more guns to the scheme they need to have less guns and add more of a variety of melee weapons or other long range weapons like knifes bows and crossbows

  2. This game already lacks variety enough as it is and there's already a lot of people complaining about how boring the game is more guns is just gonna make it worse

  3. I can't believe how retarded people are. I have never had any of these problems that people are always complaining about and have been playing since Miramar was released. I also don't understand how people are coming fortnite to pubg in terms of running better. Fortnite is runned by epic, epic owns unreal engine 4, pubg runs on the unreal engine. Epic is so caught up in fortnite they shut down a whole nother game (Paragon) just so they can release updates sooner. I believe PUBGs team is about 100-200 people working on 2 different versions of the game, while fortnite has probably 3000-4000 people at least.

  4. The srl is a one hit headshot to a level one and 2 to lvl 2 2 to lvl 3 (most of the time )
    One tap body shot to both the level 2 from close range is way better from 120 meters
    Took me one foot shot in the back of the leg to kill someone I got second place that game and died because I got shaken

  5. Someone please quell the gel of my head and explain why the SKS was nerfed.
    I've always liked the weapon for its character- but I've thought it needed various slight buffs to be competitive.

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