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A brand new 2D Castlevania, Castlevania Grimoire of Souls has just been announced and showcased. But it’s not for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, or Xbox One. No, Castlevania Grimoire of Souls is for iPhone only. Wow. Let’s talk about Konami!

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  1. iPhone also has PUBG and Fortnite… I’ve been playing on my phone more than my Switch lately… Nintendo needs to wake up and get some decent online multiplayer shooters… FPS military shooters, FarCry/TombRaider and GTA 5/RedDead. I bought a Switch because I wanted a console experience on the go… but there is literally nothing for me worth paying for Nintendo’s online service. If there was COD2018 at least that would have been something.

  2. I think the game looks sweet too, but yeah, I HATE playing those type of games on my iPhone. I still signed up to get a beta of it thru Konami of Japan’s website, cuz I’ll try it out for free, but I wouldn’t pay for it. I’ve tried playing Castlevania on my iPhone thru emulators and it SUCKS, so I don’t have high hopes for this. Konami are a bunch of idiots. They have so many good franchises that if they just released new games for consoles cough SILENT HILL cough I’d buy them in an instant! They must really hate money. #fucKonami.

  3. I wish people would stop bashing on mobile games just because they’re on mobile, ESPECIALLY when you haven’t played it, mobile has so many great games. many people bash on mobile games yet if you do the same to one of their precious retro consoles they’ll have a fit, and seriously dude? You’re just restricting mobile games to candy crush and angry birds? It’s 2018 dude, mobile has huge AAA and indie games.

  4. I remember how precise and control crunching the 2D Castlevania's moves were to execute in the 8 and 16-bit days and l think it could destroy a phone! If a game that difficult can even be played mobile. Thanks for the info Shawn!

  5. Grimoire of Souls is coming to every platform. If they started with a 4k PS4/X1/PC version and then scaled back subsequent releases the shrieking would never stop (see: DOOM on Switch). Starting on the weakest platform means the positive connotation of all further releases being upgraded versions. So why didn't they announce that it was coming to every version from the start you might say. Because if they stagger the releases starting with the weakest version they can get people to buy multiple versions of the same game, doubling, tripling or quadrupling their profits.

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