1. space bar to jump…. Z to fire, wasn't it? I was eight and playing this game on the IIge & IIgs. My childhood thanks you for posting this video.

  2. @CedarPointerAPEXer lets see uh there was raptor,minigolf,speedy eggbert,playground,demonstar, nebula fighter or somthing like that and moon bugy. i think i called all the space themes so if its in the ones that i said just message me

  3. The moon on a Floppy.  If people realized how hard it was to create graphics and a soundtrack at the same time (in real time), they would discover this game is actually a marvel in programming.  Apple II hardware can only do (one) thing at a time.  The Apple stops movement of graphics to generate a sound, so this is why the music sounds so choppy while in motion, and the more sprites/things on screen, the intense slowdown.  Ingenious to make the notes as short as possible, otherwise it would be unplayable.    I'm using the same technique in my own programming projects…

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