Minecraft PS3 Modded/Custom skins With Download!!! Backup V7!!! No Jailbreak!!!

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This Vid Was showcasing my modded minecraft ps3 skins backupv7
SUB AND SHARE AND LIKE PLEASE (link me any funny skins or vids u make with custom skins i will watch them)

Fixed Download for all regions – http://rapidtory.com/5C4b



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  1. to everyone saying that when you go on minecraft their is a black screen, go on minecraft and if their is a black screen wait 5 secs and the press the psn button it should say mojang and work

  2. I dont know how to get it to work. I dont even know the following: do i need a laptop? Do i have to plug my tablet in the ps3 and paste the pasterbin? Please tell me by responding on my comment πŸ™

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