Minecraft Adventures w/ Apple – APPLE IS CRAZY!! (Minecraft Skywars)

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Hello der my friends and welcomes to that the new Adventures with Apple. Today were get to see that how crazy Apple is and lets me tells you what, that Dirt is a fuckings Crazy. Like a CooCooS crazy man, likes he got me kill, kinds of crazy. So obviouslys I loves this guy because that Crazy is that my kinds of thing so were gets along just wells excepts for the part wheres Apple is talk a smack to me, that parts I don’t liking, but your wins some and your loses some right. Any way guys I hope that your like this Minecraft Adventures with Apple and as the always Dirts, Have the Great Day 🙂

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ThatGuyBarney and Apple team up for Minecraft Skywars! Barney is accompanied by his trusty pal Apple, and they’re determined to win Skywars this time. Apple tries to take the lead in their first round and gets them both killed, then he rushes straight into a new Skywars and wastes a lot of potions and misses all of his shots at Barney’s chosen targets. After getting Barney killed for the second time, Apple makes a suicidal jump to the enemy’s island and gets murdered in a 2v1. In the next round, Barney decides an aggressive attack would work best, and Apple, ever the crazy one, agrees; unfortunately, Apple is a little overzealous in his attack, and while Barney comes out on top in his battle, Apple is struck down. Goaded on by Apple’s insults, Barney lays siege on the next island, vanquishing his enemies and proving his worth in this Minecraft team. Barney gives chase to another player, Apple cheers for Apple on the sidelines, and Barney is knocked off the map. In the next round, both Apple and Barney prove to be terrible shots, and Apple ventures recklessly into the middle of the map so he can best enjoy the carnage. Apple must run for his life when a player notices him, but he makes it out alive. Barney decides to attack the chaser, and in the end vanquishes him, but not before the player has killed Apple, who’s laughing all the way. It’s down to Barney and one other player, and Barney swears to win for Apple. He dies, and it’s all Apple’s fault. Barney decides it’s time to stop playing, but Apple is too excited to settle down, and he has some surprising words for Barney. Thanks for watching this Minecraft Skywars, guys!


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  1. I-i have a headache because of this video, so im gonna go ahead and watch 50+ more okay? okay. im gonna go do that along with click the little bell.

  2. stupid your the wost youtuber ever and your a sucker for stealin his acttaot and you get 000000000000000000 out of000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

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