Minecraft: 8 Micro Farms YOU WILL NEED!

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Today we take a look at some Micro farms that you can build that use very few resources and space, to satisfy your needs when it comes to gathering things! They are ultra compact, super efficient contraptions that will impress all of your friends!

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  1. I haven't played Minecraft since like 1.7 I think. Even then it was modded to the high heavens. I moved onto other games since then. Though now that I'm in college I get to very rarely game, so in response ive picked back up vanilla Minecraft. Seeing how I can save and quit anytime. Think I'll build myself a hardcore fully underground home/town.

  2. Installed minecraft again today to play along with the new Hermitcarft season 6. Massive CPU spikes. How's Mumbo's community dealing with such high CPU Usage?

  3. Oh god I never saw a diamond farm so fast ! It was a troll… i thought that coal ore turns into diamond ore when exposed to lava but my brother told me that when I started playing minecraft years ago when the game was created and he's a huge liar… I wonder if it works…

  4. Oh yeah? Well I made a 1×1 wheat farm! You put seeds on farmland and wait 10 years and then you punch it and you get 1 piece of wheat!

  5. its not working for me, i have an underground base and i even have a hole dug up to the top with a glass block revealing the sky above my daylight sensor. yet the lava stays on too long with the 4 ticks on the repeater up on top of my build between my observers. after 30 minutes of being afk no progress has been shown.

  6. Just built the cow farm on PS4 only difference was cobble instead of iron but “all” redstone is functional but when the cows are in love mode no baby cows are appearing

  7. So I’m trying to do the chicken farm and it just doesn’t work… am I supposed to feed them or something or just wait a little and I’ll find it in the chest?

  8. i used the auto melon and pumpkin farm on me and my freinds base on a hermit craft server we made and now i’m selling food like crazy especially pumpkin pie, thanks mumbo love all yah vids especially hermitcraft wish i could join you 😢 haha thanks again 👏🏻

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