Larry Boy and the Bad Apple – Any% Speedrun in 1:53:32 (PS2)

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Bought this game at eStarland during the trip to AGDQ 2017 along with a few other memegames. Did a blind playthrough of this last night which took around six hours and then did two timed speedruns afterwards. First run was a 2:04 and the second run was this 1:53 run. I kinda didn’t want to upload this video mainly because I still messed up in a few major areas, specifically the last fight where I died during the last arm and lost more than four minutes. However, I did get under two hours which was kinda my goal. I originally thought this game would take around 2:30:00+ because all the cutscenes are unskippable but was surprised that it could still be finished in under two hours. Maybe I’ll do another run at some point and get sub 1:50:00 or maybe I won’t touch it again until North American Speedrunner Assembly 2017, Summer Games Done Quick 2017, or Midwest Speedfest 2017 assuming it gets into any of those.


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