IOS Developer Apple Review: Why our games are getting rejected? (Jan 2017)

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Common app rejections in the Apple review:

1. Misleading Metadata. This is something to do with the keywords you input your basic information about the app. So this includes the title and description. If your game has a similar title and description that confuses with somebody else’s game your app will be rejected.
2. Design- If the graphics of your game resembles another’s game graphics, and maybe art-style your app will be rejected.
3. Re-using previous game- If you reuse your game and make duplicates of the same game and just changing the graphics.
4. Wrong implementation of In app purchases.
5. Kid’s educational apps. If the game is meant for education and under kid’s category do not put ads in it or it will be rejected..
6. Advertisements. The purpose of making the game should not be made just for advertisement like having a simple tap game and put a lots of ads in it. Also if the ads banner is placed near the game’s functionality like where you press a button this will cause confusion and some players might get annoyed at your game instead giving you bad reviews.
7. Crashing issues. If your app cease to function after opening it or crashed during gameplay your app will be rejected. The game must be compatible and fit to all apple mobile devices. This includes all iPads and all iPhones from the old version to the latest version of devices.
8. Memory usage. If the game causes high usage of memory that makes the user run out of battery quick the app will be rejected. So it’s better to make the game very light in the memory.

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