If Apple Were 100% Honest With Us…(2016 Edition)

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Oh yeah, he’s back.

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We may just put it in an episode.


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  1. I’m going to be honest I’m not some apple fanboy (even though my name said different) but so many manufacturers were doing Bluetooth headphones and AirPods are a creative idea but this guy says there bad because they fell out his ear when he wasn’t even using Apple AirPods. Most phone companies don’t even include wired headphones in their phones so be grateful Apple does.

  2. "I know you have CD's and DVD's you wanna listen to"
    Mate I haven't even touched a disc in like a year and that was because I was cleaning my house. Coincidentally, that disc went in the trash.

  3. 2018: We are bringing a new feature to the market: No charging! No wireless charging, no wired charging, nothing. The battery wil last 1 day! But dont worry, you can buy a new iPhone for just $800!

  4. 2017 iPhone X (10) removed home button
    2018 iPhone 11/SE 2 removed charging port
    2019 iPhone 12's earpiece moved to the top
    2020 iPhone 13 with no buttons
    2021 iPhone SE 3's front is entirely covered by screen, because they removed front camera
    2022 iPhone 14 gets Touch ID back on its back
    2023 SE 4 iPhone removed apple logo, touch id (again) and rear camera
    2024 iPhone 15 loses speakers
    2025 iPhone 15S is covered by screen
    So in late 2025 iPhone 15S will be Gorilla Glass Brick

  5. Hahaha so true. Fuc*k if apple could sell dog turds people would eat that shit so hard. I have the iphone 6 and I am done with apple updating shit just to slow down the older phones. They even admit to doing it. Fu*ck you apple.

  6. He did not just merketing the IMac, IPod, IPad and IPhone, dumbass! He inventioned the personal computer!!!
    Then IBM started to aping after Apple
    You know nothing about Steve Jobs, about apple, or what it even stood for and still are standing fore!

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