How to use Apple headphones on the Xbox One (BUZZING NOISE FIX)

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Want to fix the awful buzzing sound and use Apple’s EarPods earbuds on with Xbox One controller? It’s actually super easy! This is not my usual type of video, but this is something that made my life WAY easier when I figured it out. Thanks to @tylerqhall on Twitter for the tip!


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  1. I actually was just playing state of decay 2 chatting with in game audio using my apple earbuds. I dont know if Xbox has done a software update to fix the issue or if it's because i am using a powerA wired controller. But i have had no issues with this what so ever. I bought my Xbox from a pawn shop and it actually came with a wired controller and not the standard wireless xb1 brand. I will not go back to the wireless controller anyways besides the wired powerA are anywhere fro $20 to $25

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