How To Stream Android & IOS Games Directly to YouTube

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Hi guys here is a tutorial of how to live stream Android or IOS games instantly to YouTube & YouTube Gaming in the simplest way with the YouTube Gaming App. This is the newest method that has been introduce to you android and and soon to ios gamers. This will guide you how to stream with Tablets, Mobile phones or any other android or ios devices. You can also stream non-related games as well with this method. Hope this tutorial helps you and any further questions or problems you can comment down below and we will do our best to get back to you. Enjoy the video

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5. Enjoy your stay and have fun!

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  1. My stream keeps shutting down for poor quality what do I do my internet fine I'm the only one on it and it runs pretty fast what's the problem?

  2. bro how much Internet speed is needed for mobile gaming livestream,specially for gaming stream on mobile? and which phone do u use? and how much minimum antutu scored phone can handle youtube gaming app stream pls tell me…tell me about about minimum requirements for gaming stream…as i tried dead trigger in lowest settings…but it lagged(my phone has 28600 antutu score)…so tell me about phone and minimum internet speed required

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