How to Make a Sweatshirt on Your Minecraft Skin

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In this video I show you how to make an open sweatshirt / hoodie!
App Used:
~(•-• )~ My Info ~( •-•)~
Minecraft IGN: Zombeanie
Twitter: @meaniezombeanie
Instagram: @meaniezombeanie
Planet Minecraft: Beanie

Mic: Blue Yeti
Computer: Alienware Alpha
~(•-• )~ In case you wanted it! ~( •-•)~
Songs used: from grande1899
Thumbnail credit: ME



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  1. Hey, for some reason the link is invalid. It doesn't work for me. I lost my skin because I changed it on accident and I got a new PC. So could I get my skin if you still have it? That would be really cool. My name was euo/JustinIsBae. Idk anymore.

  2. awesome video beanie, its really nice! i really need help with outfit ideas for skins and shading them, i was hoping you could do a video soon or later, it would be SUPER DUPER helpful THNX!

  3. Hello Zombeabie!
    I know you're still busy,but I almost done for my skin!And I need the tutorial of the pants so I still keep on looking from your channel everytime so I hope you will do it as soon as possible.Thank you!

  4. I'm sorry, but this does not at all encourage any style development for anyone who's watching. It's basically just: "Hey copy this".

  5. But I think you need something to think of me
    Something that will keep you warm
    And show we can be more than just this
    So baby if you are not ready for my kiss

    Then you can wear my.. sweatshirttttttt

  6. Useful tecnique Never tried this out before well I never made a skin With a jacket before just now so it isn't wierd not thinking about a such smart idea when you never thought of adding a sweater to Your skin

  7. Why is it so hard to make a damn skin? I've tried for hours to make one. In the end it looks SO bad. I don't care if people tell me it's ok
    to have that kind of a skin, NO, i want a good looking skin not some ugly ass skin. I don't wanna steal one from the internet either, at this point i just wanna hire someone to make me a
    proper skin man 🙁

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