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A few months back I did this video on How to Get Multiple Clash of Clans Accounts on An Android Device. Getting and Alt. is a lot more complicated than Android’s method.

How to Get Multiple Clash of Clans Accounts on An Andriod Device:
How to Get Multiple Clash of Clans Accounts on An Andriod Device ADD ON:

If you are still confused or think I missed something please let me know in the comments below!

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  1. So u have to reset your phone if you already have an account on your phone and sign into your new account that u made on your friends phone

  2. i did this but on an ipod 4 with my brothers clash account on it…. i was trying to get my TH8 lvl 90 on that device because the original device that it was on broke and would cost more than the ipod itself. So to get the broken ipod acoount on an ipod with a clash acount already on it i had todelete clash, signed into the broken ipods game center and app store, redownloaded clash then when i got into the game it said i am using a game center ID that belongs to skyworker53 ( the broken ipods clash account ) you have to update to ios 7 to switch accounts. Only problem is the ipod 4 only updates to 6.1.6. Does this mean i have to buy the newer/newest ipod to get ios 7?

  3. guys 2 accnt of clash of clan den 1 accnt of game center we can still change the other accnt?pls let me know cuz I cant open my other accnt on coc.but I have 2 accnt on coc buy 1 accnt on game center

  4. Hi I have created like five Apple ID and each time I loaded the clash of clans it just brings my current account (village)and it doesn't allow me to have another village! That load thing is not coming to the screen!

  5. if you dont have a second iphone or a friend with an iphone do this: make a backup on pc then restore your phone. Start your phone as new and creat a new ID account, download clash of clans on your new account and log in on game center too, than you log out of your new ID account and restore de backup from your pc (sorry my english) I just did it and totally worked. to change from one TH to another on CoC you do as she teached here

  6. So I have a question, since all of my apple devices are all connected to one Apple ID can I do this? I have a computer that has a village on it and a phone that has its own village. If I want to add my computer village to my phone village do I have to make a new Apple ID and go onto that ones game center and then link my computer village to my new Game Center account? Will this get rid of my old village if I go back to my original game center? Please answer this as quickly as possible

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