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The Original Xbox has a small library of titles that contain hidden and unlockable games. In most instances you need to complete the main game to in order to play the unlockable game.

In this video with a modded xbox, and a copy of a custom dashboard, like Unleash X, i show games that i have that contain unlockable or hidden games and how to play them without needing to unlock them in the main game.

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  1. Dead or alive ultimate comes on 2 disks , one for DOA2 the other DOA1, what they dont tell you is that the disks are identical and they just renamed the XBE between the two disks, you only need one of them to play both games on a moded xbox XD

  2. I think in Ninja giaden black you can play the original nes or arcade version of ninja giaden. On a side note I wonder how much microsoft paid koei tecmo to make some exclusive games in the og xbox and early 360 days?

  3. MK2 probably plays a little fast as it has locked vsync, and the arcade version actually ran at 53.3hz (and 400×256 pixels) using an "extended resolution" monitor (might find that the Xbox ported version either has slightly squashed graphics, or an excess amount of overscan as a result too). I expect it runs slightly slow on a PAL system (and very thin underscan letterboxing) if that's the case.

  4. Nice guide… actually have a modded Xbox kicking around and a bunch of random games bought for a pound a throw at an exchange shop.. not used it much because the HDD is just the original 10gb one almost completely filled with a not particularly good arcade emulator and I've no idea how to upgrade it or remove the emulator without losing it forever, and burning other emulators with ROM or disc collections to CDR (or finding working ISOs of anything I care about for the system) turned out to be a massive and somewhat unreliable PITA, but I think I have a new game to play now… putting all of those random official discs into it and using the file browser to see what hidden goodies they might have!

  5. You can also get games like Panzer Dragoon original to boot without the CD too. However you need to copy the whole Panzer Dragoon Orta game to your Xbox HDD into a new folder (preferably within the 'Games' or Homebrew' folder on your F drive). Open up that folder once the files have been copied, rename the default.xbe to something else (doesn't matter what). And then rename the 'PD1.xbe' to 'default.xbe', the game can then be launched automatically without the need for the disc or using file manager. Neat trick but be aware that it does take up a fair amount of disc space but if you've got a large HDD installed then it's something to consider.

  6. I think im getting an original xbox once again just for the couch multiplayer games so my daughters and i can play together. Im so tired of online only multiplayer these days. All the perks mentioned in this video just makes the decision easier! Thanks!

  7. The MK2 port is probably running too fast because the arcade machine runs at 53-54 frames per second and the port is probably running at 59-60 fps.

  8. Prince of Persia 2 outside the Sands of Time doesn't work for me, it always gives me a "There is a problem with the disc you're using. It may be dirty or damaged." error. And apparently you weren't able to run it either. The original Prince of Persia runs fine though.

  9. Ninja Gaiden Has Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2. I remember playing that game 2 times to unlock everything 100%. 🙂 But… We can play these on Emulators, no point.

  10. Technically not unlockable games by themselves, but the original Marvel Ultimate Alliance had sequences, which recreated the original Pitfall & Breakout within the Murderworld level. I remember being blown away upon encountering them for the first time, as these were such charming easter eggs(especially for a licensed game, that already shook things up consistently in the gameplay department as it was).

  11. Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil, yeah that strange standalone expansion have Doom and Doom 2 as portsm, they are not hidden or unlockeable however, they are just on the extras section of the main menu. but if i recall, they are separate executables

  12. So crazy!! Right when you said “the earliest hidden game I remember was the original Pitfall on the PC Pitfall” I was saying and answering the same thing in my mind. I was so blown away with this and thought it to be the coolest thing.

    Another one I remember was being able to play Maniac Mansion on the computer in the game for PC “Day of the Tentacle”. Which btw has been ported to iOS for 5$. When I bought it was so happy to play it again but I also went immediately to the computer in Ed’s room to see if Maniac Mansion was still able to be played and sure enough it was. $5 for two incredible games is well worth it.

  13. I actually went through the trouble of unlocking the TMNT Turtles in Time unlockable on Gamecube by actually playing through the requirements which was a pain in the ass, & like the Xbox one changed the soundtrack, but oh well, it was an authentic achievement LOL…

  14. New viewer here. I don't own an Xbox but this video came up in my suggestions. Interesting stuff. It's always nice when developers put hidden games in like that.

  15. Great video. For the life of me, I can't either Outrun, Afterburner or Hangon working from the Shenmue II disc. I tried copying them to the HDD too and running the XBEs from there but it just hangs at the Xbox loading screen. Any ideas? Running UnleashX on PAL Xbox with PAL version of the game.

  16. I had an original Xbox with the Xecuter3 modchip installed. It was 3 years before I decided to install a custom dashboard. Wow, was I hooked. I installed the EvolutionX dashboard that came packed with numerous other programs. A region free DVD player, a disc ripper and the ability to use game trainers, plus a few others. I had every game for the original Xbox ever released in the USA. I think it totaled close to 840 games. I wound up giving it to my son due to getting a modded XBox360. Now I don't own a console at all.

  17. Trying to run Prince of Persia 2 outside the Sands of Time doesn't work, it always shows a "There is a problem with the disc you're using. It may be dirty or damaged." error. You can use a trainer to unlock it in game though.

  18. very unique content. I usually just watch videos by American users because I don't want to see all the good stuff that I'm missing out on which is come out overseas and not over here. Something like that at least but these videos are really cool and I am subscribing to your Channel. Don't worry I don't expect to see more of these. But I'm sure whatever you come out with in the future has the potential to be really cool as well. Cheers

  19. The more I watch your channel, the more I am impressed with what the Original Xbox could do and I'm also glad that I bought because I felt nostalgic after watching your videos.

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