HermitCraft Season 5: Making Design Changes To HermitCity! (Minecraft 1.12)

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Well hello there, GoodTimesWithScar here bringing you Hermitcraft season 5 Minecraft survival let’s play part 12. I revel the plans to create an underground Hermit City for season fives shopping and residential area. The massive underground city will be in a circular shape and have a market district ring and a housing ring. I hope you enjoy the massive progress on the city’s petrified tree design!
*Previous HermitCraft Ep: https://youtu.be/8KBMRZ9CRUQ

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Cub – https://youtube.com/cubfan135
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Impulse – https://youtube.com/impulseSV
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Keralis – https://youtube.com/keralis
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Vintage Beef – https://youtube.com/vintagebeef
Welsknight – https://youtube.com/welsknightgaming
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Xisuma – https://youtube.com/xisumavoid
Zedaph – https://youtube.com/ZedaphPlays

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  1. Hey! Sorry for doing this, but at this point it's been impossible to gain any youtube recognition. I am a Minecraft youtuber, and if you like Hermitcraft, then you'll sure do enjoy my minecraft let's play. Hermitrcraft has been a huge influence in my world and maybe you guys can give me the chance? I've uploaded several videos, be sure to help me out, I'm just starting and I'll aprecciate any kind of help! I just uploaded a tour of my world!

  2. You should stop killing them once they reach the smallest size that can't hurt you. That way they'll fill the mob cap and prevent the big ones that can attack you from spawning.

  3. Hey Scar! I had an idea about your underground foliage. What if there was one skylight in the very center of the petrified tree and underneath it was like a lush spring with a really cool custom tree? I think that'd look pretty amazing and know you could make it look even better than it is in my head!

  4. one thing you should think about is the fact the carpets (wool) have a new vibrant color so even if it looks good in you texture pack think about what the other hermits will see

  5. This would take forever to make it perfect… but geologically the earth has layers, and since this is like representing a fossilized tree, wouldn't it make sense to have layers of the earth on the tree as if it eroded away over the thousands of years.

  6. um… youtube just desided to switch the wels video that I was watching, for this one. not certain if I should take this as I need to rewatch this video, or if I should just wait till I get to a scar video, wich is next in my little rotation thing. hm…

  7. I think the Mycelum biomes in this season belong to False and Iskal. But maybe for season 8 if you want to do another cave build you can look for a mob free zone?

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