HermitCraft 5 | Ep 03 | ORANGE IS THE NEW GREEN?! | Minecraft Vanilla 1.12

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Hermitcraft Minecraft 5: ReNDoG and Iskall85 lay down the rules for the ultimate challenge and RD shows off his epic base style!
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Series info:

Welcome, Youtube Minecraft viewer, to Hermitcraft Season 5! I am a proud member of Hermitcraft, and this will be my second season on this amazing Minecraft SMP server!

Hermitcraft is a Minecraft SMP server featuring some of Youtube’s best and most talented Minecrafters. The server is 100% Minecraft Vanilla 1.12! This is the fifth season of Hermitcraft, and we will be setting up a base with Iskall85 on a freaking Mooshroom Island!

Sit back and relax with a tasty beverage and crunchy snack (a Minecraft cake is recommended) and join me ReNDoG and the Cyberdog Nation in our Second Season of Hermitcraft!

I own all distribution rights to the audio in this video. I also have the rights to make videos showing off the program Minecraft. This is stated here: http://www.minecraft.net-terms as such: “You’re free to do whatever you want with screenshots and videos of the game, but don’t just rip art resources and pass them around, that’s no fun.”



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  1. Ren,1st i am loving the new idea cause its really something fresh, but also you know, that sort of "modern-surrealism" type of buildings that you are going for could really stand out if you played a little more with shapes of the building, like having weird "T" and and kinda funky and almost physics breaking sort to speak buildngs scatered all over your island, i think that it would really make the whole thing stand out as some sort of painting kinda thing, if you know what i am saying.

  2. I,m definitely sticking with this! I can think in abstract and this is going to look epic!!!
    I think he should build a viewing platform 64 blocksup made of glass so you can look down on it, it'll look like a Tron Motherboard on Acid; EPIC!!!
    Rendog, if you can think in epic abstract make the landscape that looks amazing on the ground, but that when you get high above it, it transforms in to it's own image i.e. Nazca lines, crop circles etc, things meant to be seen from above!!! UBER EPICOSITY!!

  3. Man Rendog, you and Iskall are like best friends that are worst enemies, or like, umm, sometimes the best of friends are also the scariest rivals? something like that

  4. I'm so late but yesss to what you are saying about minamillism some builds in Minecraft can look so cluttered sometimes, when you can give a building depth with not too much detailing.

  5. I'm so late but yesss to what you are saying about minamillism some builds in Minecraft can look so cluttered sometimes, when you can give a building depth with not too much detailing.

  6. It's so insane how much your channel has grown. I am watching your season 5 for the first time! I started watching you at Season 6, and man I'm so proud of you, Ren! You probably won't see this, but I'm hella proud, and I think you deserve endless support, love, and subscribers.

  7. On a mission to finally watch ren’s season 5 of hermitcraft which i never watched for some reason

    Episode 3: hearing ren so happy and excited and passionate is just the best feeling

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