Florence: iOS iPhone Gameplay & Full Game Walkthrough (by Annapurna Interactive)

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Sorry, the sound cut out halfway through! I made a new video here: https://youtu.be/g4RhetLI6kM

See my review here: http://www.appunwrapper.com/2018/02/13/florence-walkthrough-and-review/

Download link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/florence/id1297430468?mt=8&at=10l5ae


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  1. Agreed..music was phenomenal and really helped move the story with its nice visuals….I found the story really cute and sweet as well…shows the effect one person can have on your life and serve as inspiration on a ‘sad’ time in your life….and the game leaves you with a smile…what else could ya want…as you said, the game does what it sets out to do and I always love seeing devs do something different and fresh like this.

  2. the ending felt incomplete. i like how she was able to move on without him, but i think it would’ve felt like a more well-rounded story if he was in her art gallery and they found each other again, or at least made up somehow.

  3. the ending was perfect. It was meant to be that way. Florence found the happiness she needed in the end, without needing to rely on another person. She grew stronger from her experience and thus could live for herself. It is far more perfect this way, instead of a hollywood cliché. Real life does not alyways pan out, the way we want it. But if we stay open and embrace new ideas, we can always recreate ourselves again and again. This game is perfect

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