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FFBE (Global) – How To Use Switch Control Auto-Farm TM’s on iOS/Apple Devices

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Forgot to add in, before you watch the video make sure you got 1 switch on.

Switches, Add New Switch, Screen, Full Screen, Select Item

Use it at your own risk. Video for demonstration purposes only. Game might change their T&C without notice.

Alot of android users/windows pc users us Nox. But what about the apple users? Just stumble upon a tutorial on how to utilise switch control function on apple devices. Decided to give it a test and it actually worked.


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  1. HI there may I ask I'm using iphone 6s ios 10… I couldn't find " hide controls" on my screen … what should I do? : (

  2. Is this have a risk of being banned? (sorry for the grammar, I can't speak english 😉 )
    and is there a way to indefinitely repeat itself? because I'm so tired to taping. comment plz..

  3. Ok WTF why can't we make the fuckin switch control run on a certain amount of loops, it's so close to being really helpful but at this point it's just bullshit! I got it to work by putting a lighter on top of my screen so it registered as me " touching the device automatically with the lighter on the screen" it worked for probably a minute straight consistently and I was very excited but then it just magically stopped working! I just don't fucking get it it's like they purposely made this almost useful but not quite………very disappointed…=

  4. well looking at there TOS under (l.) says uh hem… "use or distribute of "auto" software programs, "macro" software program's or other "cheat utility software or application's." its under A. "services user restriction you agree that you will not and you will not assist other user's."

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