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Outro Song:
Draxtell – Feels
Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACxGzDULD1Y
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  1. The Beast was likely inspired by Element Animation.
    "It's a horrible creature from the depths of the Nether that will only be satisfied by the blood of its enemies."

  2. @3:26 – "I don't know if you need to not have arrows in your inventory for that to work?" Literally talks over a clip where they show a guy shooting a firework while arrows are in his hotbar.

  3. They should really just add lots of different wildlife to make the game feel more lively. There's barely any interesting animals right now.

  4. I think Minecraft should move on to some sky updates, as it is one of the only things that has absolutely nothing in it aside from clouds. They should add more species of birds and possibly a sky temple, etc.

  5. hate how this guy makes assumptions about everything when clearly it says in the descriptions of what the new thing will be. Such a joke. Cant watch this shit youtuber anymore and youtube needs to stop recommending him to me when i dont even watch minecraft videos.

  6. I love how the minecraft community is back to normal again with no toxic or salty kids in the comment section ^^
    The worst thing i’ve someone type is “idiot” i think i might play Minecraft again if this is how mincraft is rn

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