Epic Update for Battlegrounds! – Vaulting, Weather, Groza & More

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Hey guys, today we have some great update news for PUBG that was revealed yesterday at E3.

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  1. The consoles will hold it back for example they won't be able to work on other features till they do all the features for consoles so it will take many more months to get out of early access

  2. in the presentation , he stressed that it was a TIMED console launch exclusive . so it's coming to PlayStation.. we just don't know when

  3. Everybody pronounce it something like "grOsa" or "grOza", but it should be pronounced "grozA" or almost "grazA". Google translate pronounses it almost correctly.
    Гроза (groza) is russian for thunderstorm.

  4. This game will suck ass on xbox, you need the fast response that you get from flicking a mouse, it'll be so painful to play with a controller

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