Emulating the Apple II & IIGS with MESS – LaunchBox Tutorials

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In today’s tutorial, I show everyone how to enjoy some old school computer games through emulating the Apple II (Apple 2) and Apple IIGS (Apple 2GS) through MESS, and I give a few tips and pointers for using this a bit more smooth.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below and I will answer them for you!

EmuCR MESS Page:

MESS FAQ: http://www.mess.org/mess/howto

MESS System List: http://www.progettoemma.net/mess/sysset.php

Full MESS Command Line List: http://pastebin.com/18W3EbD0

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  1. I prefer using AppleWin as my Windows Apple ][ emulator (IIGS emulation on PC is pretty bad and user unfriendly so I will give this demo a try). To set up AppleWin in Launchbox, grab and install latest AppleWin release from GitHub (ver 1.26 at the time of this comment). In Launchbox add AppleWin as an emulator and set command line parameters to:

    -f -d1

    That will launch it fullscreen with the disk image in drive #1. Once the emulator is going, you can then use your mouse on the right side of the screen to click drive buttons and swap disk images.

  2. So funny. You posted this EXACTLY when I got my Apple II collection together only a few days ago. Love you guys so, so much. I'm proud to be a premium member. I haven't commented until now but you guys are awesome and have such a great product. Don't thank me. I'm thanking you!

  3. This is the only system I couldn't get done. I tried the whole day, literally. I tried every version of MESS I could find, MAME, tried all the apple2e, ee, all that, and nothing. I tried everything I could, nothing loads. I got all my emulators and systems that I wanted working well, but MESS is a pain. So convoluted, horrible. That I made it work to emulate the Philips CD-i is nothing shorter than a miracle, it was more luck than anything and it took me much trial and error as well. When it comes to MAME and MESS everything always looks so different than your and other tutorials, because the versions are always changing. It's so complicated, I don't understand, all other emulators are relatively easy. With the Apple, I have no idea what the heck I'm doing wrong. I got Apple II working on Applewin, but if I could get it to work like the CD-i on MESS, it would be great. It's always saying it's missing something, even though the files are in the roms folder.

  4. Brad please let ETA PRIME do the install tutorials. Totally confusing what you do here bro. I respect what you do etc. but have to watch your video like 10 times to figure out what to do vs ETA who explains it so simple you can do with him. This video so confusing I just gave up on you dude. Mess rom/ Mame rom b version rom WTF are you talking about? I got it you don't link bios file did not expected and that's not a problem but I can't make it out what are you talking about after working on IT field for 20 years…. worst video from you ever.

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