EASY Blender Minecraft Renders [WINDOWS Tutorial] 2016

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🐾 Open for puggy candy 🐾

Blender 2.77 https://www.blender.org/download/
Winrar http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm
Timmy’s RIG v6.4 https://sellfy.com/p/10KY/

→ I hope you enjoyed the video!

→ Nerds in the video – Nupe Just Me!!

→Server? – ~ Lunar Survival!

→Send me stuff / or email me! – sims605674@gmail.com

→ Music – NO Music in this video!

→ Infooooo
Mic: Logitech
Recorder: Camtasia Studio 8 / OBS
Editor: Camtasia Studio 8
Computer: Toshiba ( I forget what model )



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  1. So ik alot of u are confused on why u have armour all over it. Well you need to download the latest. It may be because you don't have the latest version.

  2. Ok, I need help. BTW ITS NOT ABOUT THE ARMOR THING. It's that i cant turn around and see the back and stuff, I can only zoom in. It shows a circle thing. (I have no idea because this is my first time using blender) If any of you can help that will be appreciated.

  3. Please help! I cant seem to be able to "bend" the arm when i right click and double click r it moves the entire arm and i cant drag it to bend. Any suggestions on what to do?

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