Dangerous Dave Goes Nutz Game Review (Apple II)

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A look at Dangerous Dave Goes Nutz on the Apple II. It was released on Softdisk G-S issue #74 for the Apple IIGS and Softdisk #160 for the Apple II in 1995.


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  1. Bizarre, I only knew of the DOS version, Dave Episode 3 or whatever. Yeah, 100% different game! Pretty cool, it seems like I'm always finding out there are yet more Softdisk games I had no idea about!

  2. @phreakindee
    Yeah. I've been going through most of the Softdisk G-S issues finding a few interesting games lately including this one. I had no idea the Dangerous Dave series lasted until 1995 either until recently.

  3. Can you give me a copy of Dangerous Dave Goes Nutz for Apple II? And maybe: Double Dangerous Dave and Dangerous Dave Returns, if you have it. My friends and I want to publish it for the public. Thanks in advance!

  4. Peter rokitski made more levels and released this game as a quick and dirty project. It used my double dangerous Dave engine, all the code is mine.

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