CREEPY DOLLS?! || Perception – Chapter Three: The Apple

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  1. Those things that Cassie said smelled bad, near the end, looked like cocoons of some sort. Like there are more of these demons. And we hid in one during a past episode. It was split open like the chrysalis of a butterfly, when they break free.

  2. I can't wait to see what happens to Cassie next. This is becoming a very interesting story. Lots of love Dawko Continue to make me smile. You're one of the first YouTubers that has really made me feel loved. ❤️

  3. Awesome I enjoy it!:) so many dolls very creepy. I love dolls and I collect them but these dolls very terrifying. I'm not putting these dolls in my house it's like Chucky that creepy movie.:( I'm sad poor man he was trying help his daughters feel better and those evil dolls kill him so depressing .i saw that doll when you were under the bed I screamed that was scary. I'm not going to sleep good tonight.:(Wow I can't wait to see what happens!:) i can't believe the game is almost over that makes me sad I enjoy it.:) it's ok if you don't like dolls Lewis are very creepy I agree with you that.:)

  4. Dawko needs our support!!! Share this video with everyone you know!!!!!

    Also, Your voice sounds different Dawko. Are you ok?? If your not ok, Get well soon. If you are ok, Have a great Insert time of day you are reading this
    And that goes for everyone else too. Have a good Insert time of day you are reading this

  5. This game is getting more and more interesting as the story develops, really looking forward to the next episode, hopefully no more creepy dolls!

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