Commander Nostalgia with LoadingReadyRun l Game Knights #15 l Magic: the Gathering EDH Gameplay

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Kathleen De Vere and Graham Stark from LoadingReadyRun join the show for an epic Commander battle that spans the entire 25 year history of Magic: The Gathering.

Who will emerge victorious? ONLY ONE MAY STAND!!

(Links to the decklists are included below)


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Terry Robertson & Dom Rollandeli – Additional Editing
Lauren Haroutunian – Director of Photography
Geoffrey Palmer – Special Graphics and FX
Danny Batterman – Script Supervisor and L2 Judge
Bonnie Bacevich – Set Design



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Kathleen’s Drana:

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  1. The thing I want to see the most in the Command Zone, and also in MTG in general, is a true Azorious deck, which has one and only one purpose – to suck all the fun out of the game. It doesn't has a winning condition. It doesn't even care if it wins or not. It plays only cards that hinder other players from doing anything – no untapping lands, no attacking, no using creatures, removels, nothing. It's main goal is to put the game into a complete halt, then just keep going until everyone decked out or get completely insane. Man, that would be a glorious thing to see. Naturally, Josh should be the one to play it. If only it could be pulled off…

  2. I just recently got into commander would you guys be willing to do some brain storming around toshiro umezawa because i really want to use him as my first commander but i have no idea how to make a deck around him

  3. So… Jimmy was nostalgic for cards from the second most recent set? And… then he bitches when two players work together to stop his game winning combo that goes against the spirit of the event… that… he set up… This is my first time watching this and holy shit. Guess he was nostalgic for victory.

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