Choplifter (Apple II, 1982) – Video Game Years History

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A look at Choplifter, released on the Apple II in 1982 by Brøderbund.
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Choplifter (stylized as Choplifter!) is a 1982 Apple II game developed by Dan Gorlin and published by Brøderbund. It was ported to other home computers and, in 1985, Sega released a coin-operated arcade game remake, which in turn received several home ports of its own. While many arcade games have been ported to home computers and consumer consoles, Choplifter was one of the few games to take the reverse route: first appearing on a home system and being ported to the arcade.


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  1. When did you guys record these? Ian is a dead giveaway these are old. The hair on his head is not the same as on the podcast. Pat as well, not very Ludwig at this point in time.

  2. I had this on tape for the Commodore 64, which played alright but looked rather dull graphics-wise, white sprites on black background, they hadn't really learnt how to utilize that machine's full potential in 1982. Later a friend of mine got a Sega Master System and this game, which really seems to be one of the best versions of it.

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