Best PUBG Patch Yet! | PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds June Patch Overview

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Hey guys, today we’re going to take a look at all the awesome things that have changes in this month’s big PUBG update.

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LevelCap’s Lego Channel:


Weapon Stats:

Computer Hardware:
Acer Monitor:
Headphones ATH-700X:


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  1. Can you do a key binding video for this game or do you use the default one or the same as your bf1 video key binding ? Thanks 🙂

  2. Short, quick intro. No annoying attempts at being funny. Actually informative with interesting thoughts. You are of a rare breed, especially in gaming. Subbed.

  3. this third person shit is stupid, especially in a game where stealth has some importance. Uncharted….gears of war… fine, you are running and gunning. But in this game, LET ALONE this video, a majority of the kills are from corner/Line of sight peaking. It's pretty stupid

  4. Did you say SOME frame jumping here and there? lmao try the first five minutes of the game, there is MUCH more network optimization to be done. The game animations are great, id say perfect, but they need to fix the real issues with the network connections.

  5. Levelcap I just got new internet my last internet provider was horrible it maxed out at 256kbs but my new internet is 95mbs down and 40up i dont know if this is good or bad its better than what i had but is it good enough for uploading videos to Youtube? I would like if you reply to my comment.

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