Apple II Game: Aztec (1982 Datamost, Inc.)

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An arcade-style platform platform/maze game where you play a hero going into the tomb to retrieve the Jade Idol worth a lot for fortune. But the faster you come out of the tomb when you return with the Jade Idol under the greatest difficulty, the faster your reward will be. But be aware there are dangerous monsters such as giant spiders, poisonous snakes like Cobras, scorpions, jaguar, and meat-eating tyrannosaurus Rex and men guarding the tomb that will stop you from completing your tasks. While you are in the tomb there are boxes filled with essentials such as dynamites, a pistol, machete, bullets, heath potion,or even the idol but sometimes contain skulls or bones or nothing at all. You can even dig up trash piles and find the needed items or even explosive bombs. But there are also traps you must avoid such as walls moving in on you, ceilings dropping on you. When you die, you have the option of restarting from the maze you left off so you are not wasting time starting all over again.

This game is very much like Pitfall and Indiana Jones. But it’s too bad only keyboard controls are supported. I believe this game came out before Pitfall.

Played on MESS 0.176 emu and recorded using its built-in movie recording (AVI output).


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  1. Hint : go to the edge of the staircase going in, the far left of the walkway. Blow a hole in the floor. Drop more charges. 2-3 should do. Now walk off the left side. Boom. You've now dropped to where the idol is and only need to go up. You've cut the time by half.

  2. this was easily one of my favorite games for the 2e.
    instead of speed runs, try for a different achievement…
    extinction. that is you have to wipe out all the monsters.
    it's pretty easy on the first 2-3 levels of difficulty but, it is actually pretty tough on the higher levels. really tough to do without saving on levels 6+

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