Another Update for PUBG Xbox One! Vaulting and Roadkilling Fixed + Sensitivity

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Update 8 Patch notes:


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  1. The vehicle reset issue was a bug. It used to go back to the original spawn with you in it, then your unable to move or get out until it returns to where you were before. Glad it’s fixed

  2. I'm assuming there's going to be a big update withing the next 2 updates. How can they bundle this game without making the performance at least decent first? It's almost solid on my X but the bundle is for the S and from what I've seen it can use a beefy update.

  3. So Raw dude. You're gameplay always inspires me to get better. I've been watching for a while but I just subscribed because your videos are helpful and I love your skill in this game. Keep at it!

  4. I’ve heard quite a few people say that the lower the setting for Aim Acceleration, the more active it is. For instance if you have it set at zero, it’s all the way on.

  5. Thank you for not trashing the development of this game and comparing it to the CURRENT development of Fortnite. This game is still in its infant stage; people all too often forget that.

  6. Someone tell them that they need to have a countdown in the plane when jumping out. Every time a person jumps out the am out of people that jumped needs to decrease

  7. Vehicles are honestly broken atm. If you crash or if the vehicle gets shot you literally lose the same amount of hp as the vehicle. I thought that making the vehicles weaker was a good idea so players wouldn't drive around in the small circle at the last 10 because they can't win any other way. But no you literally take the exact same damage as the vehicle. Ik this doesn't happen on pc but it's probably a bug. I used to pick up gas cans in game for the long run to plan ahead for a vehicle strategically to get around faster but now I don't because vehicles absolutely fuck you over now

  8. I was pissed the first time I tried to run someone over while driving to circle and they just flew way off to the side, then I hopped out to shoot them and they just killed me lol. Man imagine if there was a BR style game made on the fox engine that metal gear solid 5:TPP was made on 😮 that would be amazing!

  9. "Detecting Network Lag" pisses me off so much. I got that in front of an enemy 5 times already. And I've crashed to where I came back outside the play zone. They need to fix that shit quick

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