[Alpha 4] GOLDEN APPLE ENDING & SUN/MOON DOORS | Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 Gameplay

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This time I cover how to get the Golden Apple in Hello Neighbor Alpha 4, as well as how to open the Sun and Moon Doors.
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Hello Neighbor is a Stealth Horror Game about sneaking into your neighbor’s house.

Play against an advanced AI that learns from your every move.

Currently in Alpha, with a Free Pre-Alpha & Alpha 1 demo available for everyone.

Meanwhile, Early Alpha Access gets you behind-the-scenes access to builds as they arrive. The latest Early Alpha Access Build is Alpha 4.

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  1. Okay a little just moment here don't mind me-

    YuB, I just love your videos. You should honestly get more respect (Even though I kinda just started watching-) And I love the way you do things, like try to cheat the rules and try to break the game (cough*HumanFallFlat*Cough) I'm not asking for you to subscribe (Because I have literally no videos) And I'm not asking you to check out any other channel. I'm just here to say that I respect you and your videos.

  2. Yub man, I make sure I only watch your hello neighbour play throughs – other channels don't do it justice so keep posting videos with all the cool secrets n stuff 🙂 <3

  3. I have started to translate the binary code only did a bit of it got this so far &#199;3 perhaps a code? Idk I primarily use game maker so don't know how unreal engine works

  4. Ok with the calendar it is saying that the release date of alpha 5 and the 'X box 1' might be showing that hello neighbour alpha 5 might be on the XBOX 1 that's what it means 🙂

  5. yup the date is mean to tell you the release date for Xbox one and also a admin code that last until that date those small boxes mean the code to the admin code the second script but we still need to find one more code anyone excited for alpha 4 to go to Xbox one.

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