8×8 PUBG desert map confirmed! – 4.5 things you didn’t know about PUBG’s desert map

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During Gamescom 2017, Ian Higton managed to chat to Brendan Greene, aka, PlayerUnknown about the new PUBG desert map. Ian was challenged to find out as many unknown facts about the PUBG desert map as he could, but what did he uncover? Find out in this PUBG desert map interview, where Brendan Greene talks about the new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds desert map, hints at vehicles, talks about enterable buildings, a monastery and much, much more! It’s 4.5 things you didn’t know about PUBG’s desert map!

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  1. Sorry we couldn't stream PUBG today, I'm the only person about but we're going to try and get you your PUBG live stream fix on Friday instead! Hope this video makes up for it a bit though! – Ian

  2. They should try to make a map that's much smaller and has huge buildings amd it be that sort of deal maybe it wouldn't totally work but I'm sure they could find a way

  3. What if they made like a full city map w sky scrapers n shit. Not sure how it would work out but that would be awesome. Like one big ass building in the mid, the higher u go the better the loot.

  4. Id love a snow map, or a jungle map. Maybe one thats strictly night time where night vison comes in play. There needs to be a game like this but also with wild life that can harm you as well. So ita more suspense and to have the game go on a bit longer. Idk. I wish i could be in the rooms THROWING my ideas up and sketching them. I want to get into this buisness. It would be so much fun!!

  5. Imagine if we could play the game on the settings that make it look that pretty without the cost of performance or tactical advantage (for example, lower shadows/foliage) game looks beautiful when they’re showing it off 🙁

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