8 Winter Map Features We Might See In PUBG

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The snow map for PUBG is coming this winter. Here’s some features to possibly expect.

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  1. you dorealize that erangel is already in Russia right? so you are saying that they should replace "normal" weapons with Russian ones when the "normal" weapons originally came from a Russian map.

  2. Number 1: snow Number 2: ice Number 3: coats Number 4: Snowmobil Number 5: Mountains Number 6: gloves…. so hard i should make a video of this shouldn't I? Creativity scale drops down.

  3. I think adding a coat would be awsome for the snow map because if you get caught in the storm and your freezing to death and must have a coat to stop it , this might even be a feature for all of the game no matter were you are and if your inside your warm this would be interesting.

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