6 Things PUBG Can Do That Fortnite CAN’T

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REASONS WHY PUBG IS BETTER THAN FORTNITE. The gaming world has been taken by storm by two massively popular battle royale games: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite! Obviously, this being the internet, we are compelled to argue that one of them is clearly better than the other and that anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong.

This is TheGamer’s list of 6 Things PUBG Can Do That Fortnite Can’t!

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Is there anything PUBG does better than Fortnite that we missed?
Did we get this totally backward? Is Fortnite the better Battle Royale game?

Let us know in the comments section below!


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Battle royale games are all the rage right now and it seems like the market has been more or less cornered by Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The two games share similarities, to be sure, but in a lot of crucial ways, the two of them are different. In our opinion, PUBG might actually have the edge over Fortnite.

The similarities between the two games are in fact deceptive and conceal some deep and significant design differences. Fortnite’s pace is much more frenetic and arcade-like, matching its multicolored and cartoonish art style. PUBG is decidedly grittier in its art design, but is also more deliberate in its pace. A game of PUBG will last many times longer than a game of Fortnite, and while that means that players will play fewer rounds of PUBG in the same amount of time, the emotional arc that they follow has more time to simmer and develop, making for an overall more satisfying game experience.

When it comes to content too, PUBG simply has more to offer than its free-to-play counterpart. From the inclusion of iron sight aiming to a range of both weapons and weapon mods to its two enormous maps and, as of recently, new game modes, PUBG has more depth than Fortnite. This means that, even as Fortnite has catapulted in player count, it is still overall the lesser game of the two.

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Script by: Stephen Friedrich

Voice Over by: Justin Freitas

Edited by: Dan Schiffmacher

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  1. he said the fortnite map was smaller and then went on to say that there are no vehicles. that is kinda contradicting since you don't need vehicles if the map is smaller

  2. I played Fortnite only because I’ve always wanted to play a game like PUBG but I’m not a PC guy and the main thing that pissed me off about Fortnite is the fact that you can’t customize or pick your own character. I bought the disc thinking I’d get cool stuff to play online but no I only got a boring story mode with zombies 🙄.

  3. There are 6 things that PUBG can't but FORTNITE can……………………..
    1:buildings and breaking (my personal favorite)
    2:ride on RPG rockets
    3:when picking up things,don't need to open inventory to equip something
    4:family friendly graphics
    5:free to download and…….
    6:dance parties (ohhhhhhhh get wreck PUBG)

  4. You have the gay 1. you dont need vehicles if map is small 2.its good when map is small because you cant play like a gay all time and hide 3.there are plenty of wepons in fortnite maybe more than pubg, both games are good and i play both of them and you cant compere them they are totaly diffrent

  5. In the 6 Things Fortnite can do that PUBG can't you said that fortnite has better replay value due to the different number of possibilities and in PUBG all fights are the same and boring. Contradictions galore

  6. The video is great afterall and all opinions are tru but idk Why almost every1 need to compare an ARCADE and REALISTIC gam its like Wot and War thunder 1 is gives you more feel of arcade the other still arcade but in a more realistic way Jeez

  7. Fortnite isn’t struggling to stand out. +fortnite is more original than PUBG. PUBG literally copied h1z1 while fortnite added a new style and some new mechanics. Fortnite and PUBG is completely different games besides being battle Royale. You should compare PUBG and h1z1

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