3 PUBG Updates That Would Improve the Game – Hot Keys

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James Duggan and variety streamer Kate Stark discuss PUBG’s content plans for 2018. To enter the MSI Prize Pack Giveaway, fill out this form: https://ign.formstack.com/forms/hotkeys_giveaway

Check out Kate Stark here: https://twitter.com/katestark

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  1. The biggest things for me would be to improve server/client performance. Add more guns to pick up so that there is more variety to each game instead of everyone just wanting an m4, so maybe like another 5-7 more AR's 3-4 SMG's 1 or 2 more shotguns. also increasing the spawn rate for guns would be nice instead of just needing to rely on luck in parts of the map with high amounts of players.

    Much more subjective but id really like to see more 'fun' weapons inside crates to incentivize going for them more. Like an rpg with limited ammo(like awm). or rare vehicle drops around the map just like a care package just drop a vehicle with better stats or maybe a bit of armor(to balance just make it so you cant hang out windows) just some ideas

  2. But why we always talk about maps …where is more cab weapons or more assault rifles or dmrs….everyone using the same weapons more different weapons then in drop…..

  3. "More maps means splitting the player base"
    what an idiot.
    1. All maps are available to you
    2. You can't choose maps. If you could – then yes. It could split playerbase, but random map won't split player base in any way

  4. they could give us a reward system update , u get free gear after every match like free supply drops or loot boxes in multiplayer modes, new maps, new modes 50vs 50 or something like this, when are the updates coming i have pubg mobile any updates for both games?

  5. Just make one of the possible supply drops be a hummer or something that drops from the sky, maybe even with a gun attached to the top to shoot with ammo from your bag or something, would be fun af.

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